What my clients are saying:

Name: Ralph Cintron

Post Date: Monday, April 24th, 2017

Comments: Known her for over30 years your children will be in Great Hands very caring and loving individual

Name: Mary

Post Date: Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Comments: Shelagh took care of our daughter from the age of 4 months old until she started preschool at 3. Our daughter learned so much from being under the care of Shelagh and was a head of most of the children in her preschool when she entered. Overall our daughter enjoyed her time and talks about Miss Shelagh often.

Name: Paola burke

Post Date: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Comments: We had the privilege of having shelagh as a provider for 10 months until she unfortunately had to move. The care and attention she gave our son was everything we could ask for. Her home was literally a second home for our son. There's nothing like having piece of mind when you leave your child with someone else and we felt that for the whole time we were with her. She was great about letting us know about his progress and Would send occasional pictures (which was awesome). We truly believe she always had the best interest for the children. She will be dearly missed and anyone who is looking a daycare provider would be lucky to have such a wonderful lady looking after their children.

Name: Karla

Post Date: Friday, October 28th, 2016

Comments: Our baby Eden has been with Shelagh since she was 10 months old and in this year, Eden has learned so much. Shelagh is a great teacher, she has a natural way with kids, is very patient, and treats them with love. I see how well she instructs the children in a way where they respond so positively. I love seeing the interaction between Eden and Shelagh, you can tell there is a great connection between them. I feel very confident that my child is in the best hands and I would recommend Shelagh to anyone who is in need of childcare.

Name: Ashley Wright

Post Date: Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Comments: I cannot say enough about what a pleasure it has been for me and my two boys to have Shelagh as their childcare provider. After searching at least 15 other day cares in my area, I knew after meeting her, that my expectations were not unattainable. I am confident entrusting her with their care 100% . She offers a clean and safe environment, engaging atmosphere, and has extensive experience caring for children. The hunt for a reliable and safe home daycare is a daunting task. Rest assured, Shelagh's truly compassionate approach is evident in how she runs her program. Only after a few days, my boys, ages 2 and 4, were singing songs and visibly excited to return. They had never been in childcare, and I marvel at how well they became acclimated to Shelagh. My oldest son Jack, just adores her! I trust that in her care, the boys will be taught and engaged, not just left to play unsupervised. Shelagh is emotionally invested in the care of children, which is a vital element for parents who are understandably fearful of leaving their child(ren) with someone. Another important aspect of a great childcare provider is their ability to communicate and build a rapport with parents. I never felt rushed out of the door, and communicated openly with Shelagh about the needs and expectations for my boys. Her love of teaching came through in everything, from daily activities to calming the kids down when they would fight (especially brothers). Shelagh approaches situations with a firm and calm attitude, and children respond very well to this method. It is important in social settings for children to be taught, not punished, and that is what Shelagh does. This definitely prepares them for Kinder when they are in a classroom setting among their peers. I appreciate everything she does and praise her for her ability to effectively care for so many children. Shelagh has been a blessing for my family, and will be for your as well!

Name: Kaitlynn Woodring

Post Date: Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Comments: Miss Shelagh is AMAZING!!! She has one of the cleanest, nicest facilities that I have ever seen...and I visited a lot of daycares. She is one of few people I would ever trust with my infant children. She is one of the most loving and caring providers I have met, and her curriculum is amazing and always keep the kids busy and learning. My family and I love Miss Shelagh and British Daycare Academy!!!!

Name: Heidi Cooley

Post Date: Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Comments: BDA/Shelagh is the top daycare provider around. I've met other providers and nobody can even come close to the quality of care Shelagh provides. Her home is perfectly setup for caring for little ones, it's just perfect. She's so nurturing and loving to the kids, it's obvious she loves what she does. The kids are always doing something fun, crafts, singing, planting a garden, etc . Both of my babies started with her when they were 12 weeks old. We love her so much, my boys always loved going to daycare and being with her. We recently had to find another provider as we only needed part time care and she helped us find someone. We miss her so much!!! There isn't a better place you could take your child, BDA is amazing:) Heidi Cooley 760-715-1892

Name: Tammy Jones

Post Date: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Comments: We would recommend BDCA to anyone with no hesitation. My daughter learned so much while in Shelagh's care, we miss her so very much! When we are blessed with a new baby we will definitely go back. Bella learned to use the potty before she was 18 months, she could read a few words and was so increadibly advanced and continues to have exceptional social skills.

Name: Meagan

Post Date: Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Comments: When my daughter Olivia was 6 weeks old I was in need of childcare and had done some home tours and was a little concerned until I found Mrs. Shelagh. When my husband and I met her we had a great feeling that she would be the best fit for Olivia. She was very knowledgeable and had a very clean home. Olivia had never liked for me to leave her anywhere with anyone but Shelagh was like her second mom - a home away from home. There would be times that I would go to pick her up and she would want me to come back later. Olivia is a very smart young girl but learned so much at Shelagh's and really felt comfortable there. When Olivia turned two she had a febrile seizure and Shelagh called the ambulance after calling me and knew exactly what to do without showing a panic state. You are always treated like family and she genuinly treated Olivia like her own. Everyday we would receive a daily sheet of everything that took place that day from naps to snacks to bathroom happenings and really was above and beyond at all time. Shelagh is one of the nicest and most sincere person's that I have ever met and I would refer her to anyone and have quite a few times. When Olivia turned 3 we decided it was time for preschool and this was the hardest day for Olivia and I. We all cried but knew Shelagh just lived around the corner. For weeks Olivia asked that I please just take her back to Shelaghs and to this day she still asks about her. Shelagh is one of the best and you will be relieved to have found her. Meagan

Name: Julie S.

Post Date: Friday, April 12th, 2013

Comments: If you are looking for daycare for your child, you have found the right place! BDA is hands down the best place for your infant/toddler/child. Not only is BDA safe, healthy, educational, affordable and flexible… It is FUN! Shelagh is doing exactly what she loves to do… Hang out with your kids all day! She loves to get involved with them, whether it’s making eye contact and talking to them when bottle feeding, or getting messy with paint or digging in the vegetable garden! My kids have been with BDA for almost 4 years now and I couldn’t be more comfortable knowing that my kids are in great hands when leaving them in her care. My son was fulltime with BDA from 6 months to a little over 2 yrs old before I got laid off from my job. Even being home fulltime, I’d still take my son a couple times a week just so he could continue to learn and growl in Shelagh’s daycare program. My son is now in pre K and my daughter is 1.5 years old and we still go to Shelagh’s pretty regularly. Shelagh is not only a good childcare provider… She is a good person! I would definitely recommend her, and I have!

Name: Lisa M.

Post Date: Friday, April 12th, 2013

Comments: Great Care and Has Fun with the Kids She has been taking care of my 20 month old boy and has done a fantastic job. He is with her 3 days a week and he now says her name (as good as a 20 month old can). She does circle time, play time, etc. She also does great art projects with them. He was with her for 2 days and for Christmas she took his picture and made a mouse pad for us. I definitely did not expect that. My daughter goes to private Pre k and I spend a LOT and I don't get anything that nice from them. Don't think twice she is GREAT!!!! by Lisa M. 02/15/2008 Posted on www.care.com

Name: Christine Thompson

Post Date: Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Comments: I had my son here for 2 years from 3 months old until he was a little over 2. She did an excellent job with him. She truly loved him and took excellent care of him. I trust her with my son and daughter when holiday's came around at my daughters school. It's really nice knowing you child is being taken care of properly and is getting so much love and attention they deserve. It was very hard pulling him but the drive for us was hard. When he was eligible for preschool we decided to move him. If it doesn't work out we will definitely move him back here for another year. We love you Sheliegh and thank you for for all you did for Caden!

Name: Abigail

Post Date: Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Comments: We LOVE Shelagh! The moment we walked into her home for an interview, we knew she would be wonderful for our daughter. Shelagh has a great daily routine for the kids. It's versatile, educational and fun. Our daughter has learned so much from being there and is constantly surprising us with new things. Shes only 20 months and is trying to count on her fingers and recite her ABC's! My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend British Daycare Academy.

Name: Wendy and James Robinson

Post Date: Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Comments: Shelagh has been a wonderful care giver to our little son who is 18 months old. He was there on and off since he was 6 months old. Due to our jobs being very out of the way, we had to get a nanny. I am sad to not have Hayden there anymore as Shelagh is very attentive and loving. She has a structured environment that allows the children to learn and socialize. I intend on keeping in touch with her and bringing Hayden over to visit. We never worried with Hayden in Shelagh's care.

Name: Neva

Post Date: Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Comments: When my husband and I moved to the area 4 years ago, I was pregnant, I had just started a new job, and was so uneasy that I knew no one I could trust with my brand new baby to come. I was beside myself knowing that I was going to have to leave my 1 month old baby with a perfect stranger in order to return to work. I interviewed a few daycares and engaged the one that had the cleanest looking house. (Not really that clean) She lost bibs, baby bottles, and just didn't seem with it. After 1 week I'd had enough and started looking for another provider. It was the best thing I ever could have done because I found Shelagh. I made an appt to drop by during circle time. Her house was very clean, well organized and well maintained. Seeing her and the children interact was enough to make my decision right there. My little baby was going to get the best care here. I felt it in my heart. A mother's intuition is rarely wrong. Even after I moved to Temecula a year later, I kept my son there because I was commuting to San Diego. It was a little out of my way, but I kept him there for as long as I could because she really took the best care of him. I really miss her!

Name: Kim

Post Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010

Comments: My husband and I used to drive by the nice gated community near our house and   say, "If we could just find somebody in that neighborhood to care for our   daughter"………after 7 months of sending our infant daughter somewhere else, finally our wishes were answered when we came across the British Daycare Academy website. We interviewed Shelagh and we knew immediately we had found the right person to care and love our daughter while we were away at work. We were quite impressed after the interview, but once we started taking our daughter there, we were blown away by Shelagh’s professionalism. Not only does she love and care for your child, she teaches and inspires them to do their best. Our daughter was 14 months when she started and by 16 months she was counting and recognizing letters.  Shelagh also helped and encouraged potty training when she recognized that our daughter was ready. The thing that really stood out to us were the daily reports that she would fill out for each child stating what they ate, when they napped, what they learned and played with etc...  It was wonderful to hear the details about the daily activity while we were away at work.   There are so many good things I can say about Shelagh. She was truly a blessing for our family. We now have entered the preschool world in another state and we still credit Shelagh for so many things our daughter has learned including being able to write her name at age 3.  Our daughter still asks about “Miss Shelagh and her friends from school”.  This speaks volumes to us about the type of impact she made in our daughter’s life. Shelagh possesses so many important qualities including trust, love of children and respect.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone trying to find the whole package when it comes to a home daycare.  Really, daycare is the wrong word to describe the British Daycare Academy.  It is so much more than just daycare.  The BDA fosters learning, life skills and gives the kids a sense of a home away from home.  It also prepares the kids for school.  Shelagh has created this environment………and it is a testament to her exceptional early child development skills. She is just a wonderful human being. Ryan & Kim Gillispie